Pairing and connecting with SensiCardiac

See this video on pairing and connecting your Littmann 3200 with SensiCardiac. 

If you have a new stethoscope and have not paired your computer with this stethoscope before, select the Pair button and follow the instructions displayed.

  • Press and release the M button on the stethoscope.

  • The stethoscope’s main menu will display. 

  • Use the (-) button to scroll to the Pair option.

  • Select this option by pressing (M).

  • The LCD will display the paring status.

  • Select the Pair button as displayed in the figure below to proceed.

  • Enter the required Pin number within the Windows environment. 

If the devices were paired before, select the stethoscope you want to connect to and press the Connect button:

  • Depress and release the (M) button.
  • Scroll with the (-) button to the Connect option.
  • Select Connect by pressing (M).
  • Select Connect within the window below.


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