What's the main features of SensiCardiac?

The following list the major features of Sensicardiac (see the attached user manual for more detail):

  • SensiCardiac can recommend Class I and Class III echo-cardiogram referrals with the same accuracy as a cardiologist.
  • Detects and displays the S1 and S2 heart sound components.
  • Analyzing heart sound with heart rates of up to 180 bpm.
  • Stores and exports patient information and heart sounds.
  • Replays recorded heart sounds.
  • Replay recordings at full or half (1/2) speed.
  • Select to amplify only the murmur component of the heart sound or S1/S2.
  • Indicates the location of the murmur within a heart beat (Early-, mid- or late- systole or diastole).
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