When should I use SensiCardiac

When you hear a cardiac murmur and is in doubt to referrer for an echo-cardiogram or not. It is also recommended to perform a comprehensive cardiac assessment when doing fit-for-participation exams. The following are a few examples:

DOT Commercial Driver Medical Exams

When hearing a cardiac murmur while examining a commercial driver during a DOT required physical examination could have serious implications if the wrong decision is made. Referring the driver to a cardiologist due to an innocent murmur will result in a loss of income (driving hours) and a loss in confidence by the motor carrier in your examination capabilities.

Sports / Athlete Physical Exams 

Athletes are under an enormous amount of pressure to perform. Putting their bodies under a huge amount of stress, including their cardiovascular system. Cardiac related deaths on the sports field are a reality, even among fit athletes. The correct identification of true positive cardiac murmur is therefore important. On the other hand, a false positive identification and the subsequent referral to a cardiologist could have a costly implication, and could result in the loss of practise time and a possible place in the team.

Summer Camp Physicals

Every year a large number of children die due to cardiac related defects while attending a summer camp. You can now provide a cardiac murmur assessment service with confidence in your clinic as part of a summer camp physical.

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