What does this device measure?

SensiCardiac was developed to assist you in assessing cardiac murmurs. Heart sounds are recorded as part of your normal physical assessment procedure at the four main auscultation locations (aortic, pulmonary, tricuspid and apex) and analyzed for abnormalities. It will determine if the recorded heart sound contains a pathological murmur or not. It is therefore recommended to use Sensi when you do hear a murmur and is uncertain if it is innocent of pathological.

Please see the attached document for detail description of the Sensi findings.

The following findings will be displayed for each heart sound recordings:

  • Is echo-cardiography recommended (Class I) for this patient or not (Class III).
  • The average heart rate in beats per minute (bpm).
  • The average systole and diastole length in milli-seconds (ms).
  • The average RR-interval in milli-seconds.
  • The relative energy distribution within a heart beat.

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