Who should buy this device?

SensiCardiac is available for sale to licensed medical professionals in the USA and South Africa. Its is recommended any medical professional providing physical examination services and cardiac assessments should use SensiCardiac.


Evaluating cardiac murmurs of babies and toddlers are always challenging. A restless patient, noisy environment and anxious parents are all factors making it even more challenging. Adding to this the frequent presence of cardiac murmurs among the pediatric population, cardiac murmur assessment tools become a necessity.

Family Physicians

Every day you are challenged with cardiac murmurs, from your younger patients with frequent innocent murmurs (low risk) to those in their golden years (high risk) with valvular problems. You can now empower your assistant to assess these patients' cardiac state using the latest cardiac assessment software.

Physician Assistants

As a physician assistant you may not feel comfortable in evaluating innocent and pathological murmurs while performing a physical examination on a patient as part of your primary care duties. Cardiac murmur assessment software, like SensiCardiac, allows you to make an objective decision and record your results before referring the patient to a physician supervisor. A cardiac assessment service with SensiCardiac could be used as an added service provided to patients, performed by a physician assistant.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are playing an ever-bigger role in providing primary care services within their communities, either as part of a physician group or within retail clinics. With this expansion of services, the responsibility to deliver quality services is also growing.

Occupational Health Providers

Making sure that an employee is healthy and fit to perform his/her duty could be challenging. A wrong decision will have a knock-on effect on the employee, his family and the employer. Providing a quality service to an employer when assessing the physical state of the employee will result in a recurring client. With the high prevelance of cardiac diseases among adults, a comprehensive cardiac assessment becomes vital. Cardiac assessment software will provide you ability to evaluate the cardiac state objectively.


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